The Health Care Blog (May 25) – A Realit

The Health Care Blog (May 25) – A Reality Check on Workplace Wellness
Today’s American workforce is anything but healthy. Poor health is overwhelmingly the result of unhealthy lifestyles, and it inflicts incredible damage on employers and on employees and their families. Yet, there are those who suggest that we not only give up on trying to improve unhealthy lifestyles, but also that we give up on workplace wellness altogether. The wellness industry must learn from its successes and failures, and press forward WITHOUT ABANDONING THE ENTIRE PREMISE THAT GAVE RISE TO WORKPLACE WELLNESS IN THE FIRST PLACE.

To read more on this topic please go to:

Per the article, the author focuses on the declining return on investment occurring with workplace wellness programs. PPH Solutions, LLC improves the ROI rapidly by addressing the high cost chronic population that doesn’t participate in workplace health but costs the employer dearly.

Per the article


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