National Policy & Business Trends


Health Affairs Blog (March 16) – English Developments In Value-Based Care: The Beginnings Of A Revolution?
Watching from England, one of the most remarkable and well-documented developments in US health care of recent years has been the rapid adoption of a value-based approach to health care and the creation of hundreds of accountable care organizations (ACOs). By contrast, developments with value-based and ACO-like care in the English National Health Service (NHS) are less prevalent and much less well documented. Nevertheless, significant lessons are beginning to emerge from the NHS, some of which may have relevance internationally.
Health Affairs Blog (March 17) – The EEOC’s Role In Reshaping Wellness Programs
Wellness programs remain a popular feature of the employer landscape, but the legal environment surrounding them has long been uncertain. In April 2015, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission took a significant step toward resolving this uncertainty by formally proposing a rule clarifying the applicability Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) to wellness programs.
Health Affairs Blog (March 18) – A New Role for the Veterans Health Administration
The Veterans Health Administration (VHA) is transforming into a major health care payer in addition to its role as a provider. In 2014, in response to scandals in the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) related to access to care, Congress opened the door to a marked expansion of VA-paid care in the community with its “Choice” program and a $10 billion appropriation. A 2015 law then mandated consolidation of the VHA’s many established community care programs into one – the Veterans Choice Program. The VA, with forward-thinking leadership, responded with an ambitious plan to alter its approach to care.

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