Healthcare News & Trends

University of California San Francisco (Feb 16) – Team-Based Health Care Model Reduces Need, Improves Quality of Life for Complex Patients, Study Shows
A complex care model that is interdisciplinary and team-based and utilizes home visits reduces health care need and improves quality of life for medically complex patients, according to researchers at UC San Francisco and the affiliated San Francisco VA Health Care System.

PR Newswire (Feb 25) – Washington Health Alliance Survey Finds Provider’s Knowledge of the Patient and Effective Communication Are Most Critical Elements of the Patient’s Experience
Patient experience is an important element of overall care. Research shows that, in addition to improved clinical outcomes, excellent patient experience is an outcome unto itself, and one that is highly valued by patients. Patients want to be respected, feel heard, get the care that they feel they need when they need it, and understand their health conditions.

The Health Care Blog (March 1) – Getting to the Patient Cloud and Guardian Angels
How much longer must we wait to finally have a ‘patient cloud’ – a sharable and relatively complete cloud based health record for each patient? This is seemingly an obvious prerequisite condition so that providers can deliver better care for patients. The patient controlled medical record is an old idea that goes back to the Guardian Angel manifesto published in 1994 at the dawn of the Internet era and yet 22 years later we have haven’t achieved the first steps of the fundamental core of a universal life long patient record.

Health Affairs Blog (March 4) – Leveraging Today’s Health Care Environment To Achieve The Triple Aim
The great hope for the current consolidation activity is that cross-segment entities can help steer the transformation of care from a fragmented, fee-for-service based system to a delivery system focused on value-based care. Through coordination, integration, and quality services, the grand aspiration is the achievement of what has been labeled in health care the “Triple Aim” — improved population health, improved individual outcomes and experience, and greater efficiency.

Health Affairs Blog (March 4) – Reimagining The Health Care Industry
This is a fascinating time in health care. It is a time of experimentation and innovation. We are reimagining a $3 trillion industry to improve quality, construct a better payment model, and develop a more integrated system of care delivery that will enhance access and convenience. As we embark on this journey, a simple but important question faces all providers: Do we understand the difference between medical delivery and health? Those who do—and see themselves in the ‘health business’—will succeed as the industry transforms. Those who do not—and remain only in the ‘hospital business’—will feel it in their wallets and struggle to survive.


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